Beek's Pizza

Our Story

Old world flavour, hand made every single day

Beek's Pizza is named for Mr. Beekman, its original owner. Back in 1953, Beekman opened his first neighborhood pizza parlor on Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis. The place was small, cramped, and had a leaky roof. But it had atmosphere… and the pizza was great! Beek's Pizza became "the place": high-schoolers gathered on Friday nights, the guys brought their dates, and families came too.

Beek's secret? 'Old World' flavor that was fresh and homemade. The pizza dough was made daily from scratch. Sound good? The delicious, tangy pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce and meatballs were homemade too. Only the freshest meats and vegetables went into Beek's pizzas. There were no preservatives in the meats or cheeses; only the finest ingredients were approved, including imported spices. And they were all smothered in gooey mozzarella cheese.

That was over 50 years ago… and the tradition continues today. We still put it all together according to Beekman's original recipes. The recipes are committed to memory and relied upon every morning to make the dough, pizza sauce, meatballs, spaghetti sauce, and our NEW original chicken wing sauce. It is all homemade and "hand-made"; we even mix the "secret recipe" spices by hand! We demand the freshest ingredients and they remain free of preservatives. Every Beek's pizza is still topped off with real mozzarella! Beeks is also known for, remembered and sought out for our distinctive and delicious THIN CRUST! It's the only crust we offer and we think we have achieved perfection.

Hard to believe? Well, we "learned from the master," so to speak. And early every morning the Beek's kitchen is brought to life with the sound of the ol' Hobart mixer turning out its daily batch of hand-made dough amidst the smells of the simmering homemade sauces… still the secrets of Beek's 'Old World' taste!

We remain committed and proud to be independently owned and operated: no corporate parent company dictates our decisions or our future. Beek's Pizza is eager to serve you at 6325 Minnetonka Blvd. in St Louis Park, opened in 1957.

Our children have grown up in our pizza world and work along side of us today. Our staff IS our family… so you see, the business of pizza is something we take personally! The result? The finest pizza this side of '53. We have the most loyal customers and look forward to meeting you! We appreciate each and every order, whether we deliver it a block or you drive 30 miles or more to get your "Beeks fix." You are important to us. Please accept our sincere thanks for your loyalty and patronage.

No shortcuts… just the best. Enjoy!

With our thanks, Phil & Mari